Styx (moon)
Adjective(s) Unknown
Orbital properties
Aphelion/apoapsis Unknown
Perihelion/periapsis Unknown
Semi-major axis Unknown
Orbital eccentricity 0.00001
Orbital period 20.1617 d
Average orbital speed Unknown
Physical properties
Radius Unknown
Mass Unknown
Mean density Unknown
Escape velocity Unknown
Rotation period Unknown
Average surface temperature Unknown
Apparent magnitude 27±0.3
Moons 0

Styx is the smallest moon of the planet Pluto.


Styx was discovered on July 11, 2012. It was the fifth moon discovered orbiting Pluto. Mark Showalter found the moon using the Hubble space telescope.


  • It is thought to be between 10 and 25 km in diameter.
  • Styx was named for the mythical River Styx; the boundery between earth and the underworld.
  • Styx's orbit takes 20 days to complete.
  • It was formerly known as S/ 2012 (134340) 1, or simply P5.

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