Chat Rules

There are 5 main rules on our Wiki's chat-

  1. Inappropriate Links- If you are caught linking bad images or websites, you will be blocked for a month for the first offence, and blocked forever if you do it again.
  2. Swearing- If you swear on our chat, we have the right to ban you for a day. If you swear repetitively, we may extend the ban. If you want to know which words are considered bad, contact an Administer.
  3. Spamming- If you spam on our wikis chat, you will be kicked. If you spam excessively, you may be given a 1 day ban. (20+ characters in a row is considered spam here, or pointlessly long words)
  4. Age- If you are under the age of 13, don't reveal your age, or else you will be blocked until you turn 13. So, if you are under the age of 13, you may want to avoid the chat.
  5. Harassing Others- If you are rude to others, you will be given a kick, and if you are rude 5 times in one day, you will be banned for a week. Includes threatning.

Editing Rules

When editing, please follow these rules:

  1. Don't add useless information!- If you add pointless or off topic information, the edit will be undone and you will recieve a block, the length depending on how bad the offence was. Such as things that aren't related to the solar system.
  2. Don't add bad pictures!- If you add any violent pictures or pictures that contain nasty content, we will block you from editing forever.
  3. Don't spam on pages!- If you spam on our pages, you will first get a warning then a block.
  4. Removing content from pages- If you remove content from pages and add bad things, we will block you for a week. If you continue, we will block you for a year.

Demotion Policy

If a user with rights is inactive, we have the right to revoke the users privileges.

  1. Chat Moderators- If a chat moderator is inactive for longer than a week without allerting an admin, they will be demoted. Vacations and homework are exeptions to this rule.
  1. Rollbacks- Rollbacks ban be inactive for three weeks and retain their rights. Homework and vacations, again, are exeptions.
  1. Admins Admins and Bureaucrats can be inactive for a month without demotion. If an admin is inactive, a community vote will be held for demotion.

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